Our Company

It is a company dedicated to providing real estate services, consolidated as one of the main references in the Industrial Real Estate Sector of the South zone of Madrid.
We are specialized in the industrial market of real estate assets.
We are professionals with more than 30 years of experience in management and promotion within this business.
It is the advice in real estate operations and the collaboration in the intermediation of the managements, either, of purchase-sale or rent of singular assets.
We have available to our customers an extensive and elaborate database that encompasses the diversity of buildings framed in the industrial area.
We are characterized by the constant search for real estate and the transmission of clear and explicit information.

Our Activity

Our Objective

1. To obtain integral real estate solutions for our clients.


2. Establish a wide portfolio of properties giving the best coverage and service in the area.


3. And our commitment is based on a deep knowledge of the sector, on the effort and dedication to find the real estate solution that best suits the needs of our customers.

Our offices are located in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), CP. 28945 in C / Pelayos nº 1, 4º A.

Phone: +34 916 976 241

Fax: +34 916 159 804

Email: navesylocales@navesylocales.com

Our Location 


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Rua da Criatividade, Lote 6

2510-023 Óbidos

(+44) 123 124 578
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